If you are an aspiring producer, come walk with us if you don’t know where to start. We are the crew who will help you grow by supporting creativity & technicalities in all aspects of filmmaking.

If you have a story, we will support you in polishing it, including the screenplay, dialogues, and final script. If you have a script, we will help you film your story within your budget range. Otherwise, Unlimit 3 Studios has well-crafted stories, if you are an aspiring producer who would like to enter this current OTT World/Movie Industry.

We are the path providers and the hub for all specific crafts in filmmaking. We have scripts awaiting for interested producers who would love to grow in this film industry along with us. Come join us to make new/more inspiring films.

Pre-production Support – Setup the crux of your dream project

  • Story – Get help from our esteemed team of storytellers in either embellishing your story or get new ones readied!
  • Screenplay – No wasted movement, purely unadulterated scene finalizations.
  • Dialogues and final script – Get your dialogues & final draft of the script finalized from our adept team.

Production support – Ground Level, In-the-action Support of the Highest Quality

  • Cameras – Get your project kickstarted with the finest of lenses at our disposal.
  • Shoot – Have your movie shot with absolute precision and mastery with our proficient team.
  • Artists and locations – Scenic & relevant locations along with impactful actors to bolster your project’s eye test value.

Post-production Support – Finish your project with the necessary ornaments and peripherals.

  • Editing and DI – Get a visual bonanza guaranteed for the audience in contention.
  • Dubbing and sound – Auditory vibes flying high to the apogee, elevating acting performances.
  • Music and surround sound mixing – Scene effects & ambient noises adorned.

ABOUT Mr. Srinivas Vempati:

Mr. Srinivas Vempati, the Founder and M.D. of Tunes One Media private limited is a simple, soft-spoken man with a deep love for Film making. His childhood passion drove him to adopt Sound as a career, which he fulfilled by pursuing an Audio Engineering at SAE in 2001, Chennai after his post-graduation M.Sc. in Computer Science.

Following the course, he threw himself into the media industry wholeheartedly. His first media stint began at a local TV channel. This was followed by considerable work in the Telugu Film Industry in few good studios like Sana Yadi reddy digital studios, Tollywood Studios, Hello from Chicago Studios, Dream sync Studios, and a challenging, career-altering stint installing newly recognized Audio over IP for broadcasting at the beginning of the launch of  FM radio (BIG 92.7 FM). The knowledge, experience, and expertise he acquired in Broadcasting, Audio, and IT was tremendous and paved his way for further growth at another broadcasting network, Radio city 91.1 FM.

Thereafter, followed an offer to work for the UN peacekeeping missions in different countries of Africa as a broadcast engineer with the Information Support department, which lasted for well over 8 years. During this time, he acquired extensive experience in Media & Digital Media; Broadcasting with innovative ideas in field missions and top-level technology, training journalists on audio, IT, Digital Media & Marketing; planning, procurement, installation, and maintenance of broadcast, satellite communications, and FM radio stations across the globe.