Presenting the reality of Love, Vempati Srenivas & Venugopal Makala’s #Loverslovestori Telugu Feature Film

LOGLINE: Is love an algorithm? In a village, four youngsters are hooked up with selfishness, deceit, regret, and sacrifice but are committed to their deep desires. In various twists and turns, do they decode their true love?

This Telugu Movie’s lead roles include Dhruvan Katakam, Shravani Majjari, Vinayak Desai, and Alankrita Shah.

Direction: Vempati Srenivas and Venugopal Makala
Produced by Venugopal Makala & Co-Produced by Vempati Srenivas
Unlimit 3 Studios Presents – A Venugopal Makala Film

Dialogues – Venugopal Makala, Vempati Srenivas & Hari Ambati
Screenplay – Vempati Srenivas, Hari Ambati
Music Composer – Joy Solomon, Sound – Unlimit 3 Studios

Amazon Prime Overseas release UK & USA on 9th August 2022

INDIA Release:

Hungama Play & Airtel Xstream & Vi Movies on 30th August 2022
MX Player on 5th September 2022.

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