A Master craft for all – Pre-Production includes everything that is invisible to the naked eye of any viewer. It is pretty much the backbone of any movie. In simple words, it can be described that Pre-Production is something that a Creator wants the Audience to see. However, Post-Production is something where a Creator arranges everything that Audience want to see.

Post-Production includes all of the visual and sensory appeals to the movie which will bring the idea or the story much closer to the audience than ever before. There are a bunch of sections in this which help make the best movie possible:

  • Editing
  • Dubbing
  • Background Music
  • Foley & Sound Design/SFX
  • VFX
  • 5.1 surround sound Mixing
  • D.I./Colour Grading

The sectors mentioned above have their own worthwhile creating a magnificent piece on the celluloid. It is a mistake to even think that in the current day and age, either of these sections is obsolete while creating a movie.



People love to go watch something that will ease them out, provide entertainment and make them forget their lives. This is significantly possible with the perfect teamwork and excellence within the mentioned sectors above.

Voiceover recording or rerecording gives the soul to a movie with scintillating sound effects. The age of digitization beckons the presence of an immaculate exercise of prowess in VFX and special effects. The perfect positioning of the movie, after the theatrical release as well as the digital/physical release needs proper marketing. The effective graphical content to hype up the audience matters.

All of these is the prime job of the Post-Production Department. A collaboration of all of these sectors mentioned gives birth to the finest movie one can watch and have a great time. Ease of mind for 2 hours has the power to make us forget the troubles of a lifetime.