A new Perspective of Moments – Pre-production is a small term associated with a section of moviemaking that articulates on all the important aspects before an actual movie is made. This is honestly the engine-room as far as the think tank is concerned.

Pre-Production has everything to do with the movie before it actually begins. There are multiple avenues to the same which gives rise to a movie. Those departments or just assignments are as follows:

  1. Script Development
  2. Concept Development
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Screenplay
  5. Casting
  6. Art Direction
  7. Location Hunt
  8. Line Production
  9. Sound Scripting

Keeping all the knowledge base into consideration, these departments look extremely difficult from the outside. From a layman’s perspective, it seems impossible, at times, to pull off something so unimaginable.

However, following a pattern got humans on to the moon. This is a piece of cake. The most crucial aspect of creating a visual spectacle is the script. The script is considered to be the ultimate God in the movie industry.

Unless someone is blindly following economics and has no general sense whatsoever, everyone in a team would appreciate their product even before it is made just by having a glimpse at the script that would be presented.

Based on the script, a lot of other things come into the picture which moves any project further. Concept Development and Story Boarding are two such sections. Having a plan draft of a script will excite the actors and the crowd on a raw level, but it is still incomplete.

Having an impressive concept and a visual representation of how the movie-going to the pan will help the creators to actualize the entire setup in a matter of time. Getting the base done with a neat script gives rise to the efforts for the entire set and location scavenging.

The two types of shooting sets are:

  1. Indoor/Studio Shooting
  2. Outdoor Shooting

Now, it is certain that based on a particular scene, one needs to select the location. Art Direction picks up the baton here and designs the background accordingly. Pre-production leads all the aspects of intellectual delights the audience can gaze and marvel at.